Who am I? 

I’m starting my new and wonderful blog with a long, but not too long, and probably quite dull post about me (I do warn you I am my favourite topic). 

I thought maybe some of you lovely readers may actually be interested in knowing a few facts about me before reading my many blog posts that will be following this about my ramblings and general chit chat so here goes..

– I am 18 years old currently and I live in the incredibly boring and slightly green part of Ireland known as Northern Ireland.

– I like to consider myself an artist as my chosen university course is Fine Art and yes I will probably post a lot of arty posts so be prepared.

– I sing. Nope I have never been trained and no I will not stop just because your ears bleed. Seriously though I can belt a few tracks…I’m really not that bad, just not someone you might want to listen to on repeat.

– I’m a teenager and therefore I believe I know quite a lot about life and how things should be and no middle aged anyone if going to be able to tell me otherwise. Teenagers know everything. End of story. (I might just share some of my 18 years of wisdom with you all if you’re lucky). 

– I really love theatre. I’m a thespian…no not lesbian…thespian..however I am a lesbian too.

– I am incredibly opinionated.

– I am blonde.

– I am currently obsessed with an amazing actress named Lana Parrilla who is in my favourite TV show Once Upon a Time.

– Other favourite TV shows include:

Greys anatomy 


The L Word


– My biggest fear is failure and losing the people I love. I also have an irrational fear of most things which causes this whole other thing called a panic attack…more on that later.

– My favourite books will forever be the Harry Potter series and to date I have read them 13 times since the age of 8.

– I drink a lot of tea.

– I believe in magic and fairy dust and happiness and I will not stop until I find it.

I hope that gives you a little insight into my world although if there’s any questions that may follow feel free to ask me. I don’t bite…much. 


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