So yesterday I finally got my first tattoo! 

I’ve wanted one since a young age as my dad has quite a few which I love. I have so many ideas for them but a couple of weeks ago I decided to push a new idea to the top of my list and this is how it turned out!  


I got ‘Que sera, sera’ along my foot in memory of my granny who passed away at the start of this year. As a child she sang this song in school and I also sang it as a solo in primary school. She loved it and it’s a song that’s alway been close to my heart. 

As well as that it means ‘what will be, will be’ which means something to me. When my granny died I was there with her the whole time and because of her faith she had accepted her fate which I admire so much. She was so strong even when physically weak and she wasn’t scared. This quote reminds me of her.

My experience having this done was actually quite good. Having gone to book the appointment yesterday I was really surprised when they could see me on the same day. I had to go back alone as everyone was busy and, due to my problems with anxiety, saying I was terrified is an understatement. I was pretty sure I would have a panic attack or faint or something but the staff were so lovely. They were really chatty and funny and I immediately felt really relaxed. The man who actually did the tattoo was super nice and kept checking if I was okay as it was my first one. It was a bit painful, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t, but I really thought it would be worse so I feel more confident in going for another now. Andy did a great job and I adore my tattoo.

Not really enjoying the whole walking about with a foot covered in cling film business but it will be worth it! 


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