‘All I Know Now’ by Carrie Hope Fletcher – review 

I recently finished this book written by one of my favourite ‘you tubers’ and also performers. 

Back in August last year I got the chance to finally see one of my favourite musicals, Les Miserables, in London and as most theatre nerds do I went to the stage door to meet the cast. Carrie was running late but she still stopped to talk, thanking us for coming to see her and she also took the time to smile for a few photos. She was a lovely human being and it was one of my best stage door experiences. 

When Carrie’s book came out I knew I had to get it. At the time I didn’t have much money in my bank (story of my life) so I couldn’t order afford it as I had other things I needed money for. This obviously was incredibly annoying but dear old daddy decided to treat me and bought me a gorgeous hard backed copy of the book. 

Now that I have finally finished it I can safely say it was worth the wait and it lived up to all my expectations. 

‘All I Know Now’ is a book comprised of many shorter blog style posts about daily life, Carrie’s childhood and what not to do in social situations. There is advice about almost every ‘teen age’ issue in there coming from someone who’s ‘been there, done that’ as they say. Issues ranging from bullying, positivity, mental health, relationships, and many more are talked about and thrown together with many of the author’s own experiences, Carrie really lives up to her ‘honorary big sister’ title. 

The book is really well written and combines real stories with a dash of humour to make it easily read and also straight to the point. She doesn’t consider herself an expert on these topics but comes across as a best friend who you share all your problems and secrets with. 

Over all I loved the book and I feel like I have learned a great deal from it, mainly that I am not alone in the world, it’s okay to feel shit once in a while and  everything will be okay. 

Carrie Hope Fletcher I applaud you for being an incredible role model, an amazing performer and a beautiful person. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. 

Love, Rebecca x 


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