So yesterday I got my A Level results and found out I have got into Norwich University of the Arts to study Fine Art for 4 years! 

I’m beyond happy. Normally I would beat myself up about not getting specific grades and although I didn’t get the grades I was predicted I still did well and I’m still going to the university I wanted. 

I’ve spent the last 7 years at a school I wish I had never went to, a school that puts academic achievement before the needs and health of their pupils. The nature of the school made me believe anything less than an A was unacceptable and I was a failure for not achieving that. It broke me down and led to a heap of mental health problems (on top of other issues but school was the main reason). 

This was not only the case for me but for many of my friends and many people within my year. At one point I remember looking around one of my classes and realising there were at least 5 people who I knew of suffering from mostly school related mental health problems. 

I’m not writing this post to just complain about my school or to be ungrateful about my results. I simply want people to realise school is not the most important thing in your life, YOU are. 

Your health is more important than grades and no matter what other people get and what they achieve you are a different person and all you can do is work hard and do your best and try not to beat yourself up about it. Everyone is different and everyone has their strengths and weakenesses and you are not defined by letters on a piece of paper. I’m telling you this because I wish someone had told me. 

Having got help and realising that I am more than a robot that learns information and spits it out on paper, I am a much happier and healthier person and I am still able to go follow my dreams. 

Keep this in mind anyone who is sitting GCSE’s, A Levels or any other exam and anyone who feels like failure isn’t an option. 

I hope those of you who did get results yesterday did get what you wanted and for those of you who didnt, you are still amazing and you still have an exciting life ahead of you. Go out and make the most of it. 

Love, Rebecca x 


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