‘Eleanor and Park’ – review 

I read this book In just a few short days, completely captivated from paragraph one. 

The characters are well developed and focus on an outsider persona therefore appealing to an audience of teenagers who don’t feel like they fit in anywhere in this crazy world. That was quite refreshing as it steered away from the usual ‘popular’ kid story. 

I really enjoyed how the book was told from both Eleanor and Park’s points of view and it was nice to see their personal views  on the same experience. 

The writing style is quite light and easy to read, however, the story line contrasts and is quite harsh and full on although Eleanor’s back story isn’t revealed right away. The writer gives away little slices of her home life and history revealing why the character is the way she is and showing how her thought process has evolved.

My main love for this book came from the relationship between the two characters. It lets you remember the first time you fell in love or a first crush and that crazy but terrifying feeling in your stomach when they glance at you or hold your hand. 

I’m not giving much away but overall this book is now one of my absolute favourites and I would recommend reading it no matter what age you are. 

Love, Rebecca x


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