August Favourites 

As Summer is now pretty much over I thought I would write a post on some of my favourite things from August.

1. ‘Eleanor and Park’ by Rainbow Rowell 

This is an absolutely wonderful book which I finished in the space of about a week. Super easy to read but also really hard hitting and full of emotion. It tells the story of young lovers; new girl Eleanor with the crazy red hair and mismatched clothes and the quiet and charming Park. It’s a book that perfectly describes the struggles of growing up as a teenager and the magic of falling in love for the first time. I have already wrote a post about this specific book so I won’t say too much but basically all go and get a copy of it. I promise you won’t regret it! 


2. Rimmel London’s ‘wake me up’ foundation

It’s taken me years to find what I now call ‘the perfect foundation’ and I believe this is it. I always struggle to find one that doesn’t feel sticky or feel like I have 5 inches of crap on my face but this one is perfect. It makes my skin look fresh and glowing and really does what it says on the tin. It makes me look more awake due to a slight sparkle in the foundation which I personally love after all who doesn’t want to sparkle like a fairy? I’ve been using colour 010 light porcelain which pretty much matches my natural skin done. The texture is quite light and it’s very easy to apply whether that’s with a brush or sponge! Love it! 


3. ‘They’re real!’ Eye liner from Benefit

My Mum bought me this back from her holidays and it was a great present. My eyeliner is usually winged and the shape of the nib on this makes it very easy to do that. It’s also waterproof as far as I can tell which is an added bonus! It makes my eyes look bigger and could stay on through a nuclear war so claps to Benefit! 👏🏻 


4. Urban Decay Naked 3Palette 

Well really what can I say? This palette is everything I’ve dreamed of and more! The pinks all go really well with each other and you can achieve both day and night looks with the shadows. The colours are really pigmented and I really love that some are shimmery and some are matte. The brush is also great for blending. My favourite shade at the moment is ‘mugshot’ but I truly love them  all! I also love the packaging and the sleek design and colour of the case. 10/10!  

5. Prismacolour pencils 

This really is what dreams are made of. I have wanted these pencils for so long and I finally decided to just buy them! Yes they’re a bit pricey but they are completely worth it! I bought the 72 pencil pack and I love the range of tones in it. The skin colours and nudes are by far my favourite but I’m also loving the blues. The colours are really pigmented and the leads are quite soft making bright colours and they’re really easily blended. They come in a tin with 3 layers making them easy to carry around and keeping them protected. I’m pretty sure I’ve used my pencils almost every day since buying them and I can’t wait to see what art I can create! 


6. ‘Lost’ the TV series 

I’ve spent the summer watching this but binged on it mostly through August and it was the most amazing show I have ever watched. The characters were so beautifully developed and I really enjoyed the storyline despite the fact there weren’t many definite answers and explanations I really enjoyed that it kept things open to the imagination. I feel so sorry for anyone who hated the show because of that because I thought it was genius! My favourite characters were definitely Juliet and Sawyer as I loved their character development throughout the six seasons. I just finished the series last night and cried the whole way through the finale. It is definitely a must-watch! 


7. Crocheted blanket 

My last August favourite is the blanket my mum crocheted me for going away to university next week. I love the colours especially the burnt orange which is around the outside too. It’s super cosy and quite big so I can wrap myself up. It also makes me smile knowing it’s made with love from my mum and she put months of hard work into it. It’s beautiful! 


See you all next month for another favourites post! 

Love, Rebecca x 


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