On the 11th of September I left my hometown in Northern Ireland and embarked on a new journey for university. I left early in the morning with my family at the airport to wave me goodbye and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry. I made it to Stansted airport in one piece ready to get my train to Cambridge to stay with my girlfriend before moving to Norwich that Sunday however all the trains to Cambridge before 1 that day were cancelled which was just my luck. Instead I got pointed to a random train, told to get off at the first stop and then get a replacement bus from there. 

After a slight mental breakdown and a rocky start I made it and spent a lovely couple of days with my girl before she helped me move in. 

I was so excited getting my keys and unpacking everything in my room which is quite a decent size. I said goodbye to Tee and spent the rest of the night getting to know my housemates and neighbours before getting up for enrolment the next morning. 

This week has been a blur of safety talks, pointless lectures, tours, alcohol consumption, homesickness and freshers flu (which is a very real and serious problem).

I live in a house with 4 other people ; 3 girls and 1 boy. We all get on pretty well so far but I can’t help but wish I was home in my own bed with my family around me. I’ve waited so long for this opportunity so I know I need to give myself time to adjust and settle in but moving to university and moving county on your own is very very overwhelming and I really do miss my family.

It’s super exciting getting to meet all these new people and try out new things. I’m glad I had the guts to actually come, I just need to stick it out a while longer. Eventually I won’t have to use google maps to find my way.

It’s natural to miss people when you move so I’m just hoping the longer I’m here and the more I settle in, the happier I will feel. At the moment it feels almost like a summer camp and I’ll get to go home in a couple of weeks. Everything is new and exciting but also paralisingly terrifying. I will stay positive though and keep reminding myself this was my dream.

Love, Rebecca 


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