Blog overhaul

So since starting uni I’ve abandoned my blog quite a bit purely because I’ve been busy and art takes up a lot of my time however I feel like I want to give my blog a makeover, start afresh. I’ve been thinking about what to post and I’ve come up with a short list of things that interest me;

Artist of the week – focussing on my love of art, I’d like to be able to dedicate a post every week or possibly month to an artist I have come across that I really like and think you should check out. 

Monthly favourites – going through my favourite items, clothes, films, books etc of that month

Summer drawing challenge – I tried to do a 365 day challenge last year however it was hard to continue once I started my art degree so I feel a summer one would be perfect and then I could share my drawings with you all!

Etsy shop – I plan on opening an etsy shop at the start of summer or hopefully before to sell some of my artwork and hopefully get a little business running so by posting the new additions on here I could give a quick run down of my ideas and you’d all get a first look at my pieces! 

University – having started uni in September I feel sharing my knowledge on first year and particularly what it’s like doing an art degree, might help other students starting as uni is one of the most terrifying experiences of my life so far.

Book reviews – finally having got back in to reading I’d really like to share my reviews on the books I’ve read recently for all you bookworms out there!

These are just some of the ideas I’ve had for my new and improved blog but I’d love to know if there’s anything else you think I should add and talk about. I’ve also been thinking of doing posts relating to my experiences with anxiety but I’m not sure how readers would feel about this. 

All ideas are welcome so feel free to comment! 

Rebecca X 


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