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A Short Post On Homophobia 

Views on sexuality, gender and identity have generally improved and become more positive as the years have gone on but sadly homophobia is still an issue in our society. Coming from a catholic grammar school I had to deal with this on a small scale but no one was openly rude to me personally or psysically abusive to me which is something others have to deal with in their lives even from family members. 

Someone recently asked me how people reacted at university when they found out I have a girlfriend and I felt as though they expected a really negative reaction. Sorry to disappoint but people were genuinely quite positive towards my sexuality at university but going to an art college there was a very wide range of people from different backgrounds and everyone was very accepting. 

I have experienced homophobia towards people I’m close to which I’ve found very upsetting and I’ve often tried to imagine what that would feel like if I were in that position. 

All I can say on this subject is homophobia and other types on this scale are a very real thing and although you should be aware of this if it could be physically threatening in certain situations you should not let it rule your life. There is nothing wrong with being gay, transgender, lesbian, or anything else on what is considered the ‘scale’. There are so many more people in the world that are accepting and loving. If you accept who you are then who is someone else to tell you otherwise? You shouldn’t change who you are because others are too ignorant to be open to other people’s views, opinions, identities and relationships. 

Stay positive and stay true to yourself because if you do you’ll be able to laugh at those who give you dirty looks for holding hands or scowl at a quick kiss. Be happy in your own life because it’s short and you deserve to live it to its fullest. 


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