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Angry Thoughts 

This post is a little different than my usual ones as its come straight from my heart. No filters for the web. If you don’t like the use of bad language and curse words then you may want to stop reading here. If you don’t agree with anything I’ve said feel free to comment or get in touch with me and I will be happy to calmly talk to you about my views expressed in this post but I will not tolerate hate or abuse. I also want to clarify I am aware there are many other people out there who receive abuse for different reasons but I am only focussing on one here as its been on my mind a lot recently. Thank you for reading.

 In light of the recent shootings in Orlando I’ve seen people ‘coming out’ in support of those who lost their lives which I’m not against in anyway, as a few years back I did the same, but so many people have been posting on Facebook about their sexuality and something about it just bothered me. 

Just think for a moment, these people will have most likely built this up in their heads for weeks and weeks and finally got the courage to post on Facebook or Twitter or snapchat about their sexuality and probably freaked out afterwards in case people got offended or didn’t want to be friends with them any longer. 

 But why does it have to be that way??? 

Why do we live in a world where we have to post about our sexuality and make a public announcement so people don’t lose their shit if we talk about it in a day to day conversation? 

Why do we live in a world where their are separate ‘gay clubs’ which, let’s face it, are mostly there so people can have a good night and be themselves without fear of some drunken idiot getting offended by them showing their loved one affection? 

Why do we live in a world where people that are anything but ‘straight’ have to make a point of telling the world about their sexuality?

Why do people that don’t agree with a different sexuality have to be assholes about it instead of getting on with their lives? Why do people die because of it? Why do people have a problem with it? 


We live in a world that I am no longer proud to be a part of. There’s always an issue that costs people their lives and loved ones. There are people crying themselves to sleep at night terrified to be themselves for fear of being judged or even hurt and it’s just so wrong.

I completely understand the part that religion or culture plays in this but everyone is entitled to live their lives without this ridiculous fear of being looked down upon. If you don’t agree with someone’s ‘lifestyle’ then ignore it, don’t engage with that person. Your opinions don’t give you the right to emotionally or physically harm that person.

The Orlando shootings have annoyed me for so many reasons, but especially because those men and woman simply wanted to have a fun night out in a space that was designed to be safe for them and someone decided they weren’t entitled to this so their lives were taken from them. 

When will this end? 

When will saying ‘oh I’m gay’ not get a nasty look or a shocked face in response? 

When will this world wise the fuck up? 


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