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Etsy: hArteByHarte 

Within the last month I finally got around to opening up my new Etsy shop. I’ve made one sale however I realise it’s going to take time for people to find my shop and to build up customers. This doesn’t stop me being anxious to get going and make money. 

I’ve set up my Etsy as a way to make money, as I’m a very poor student currently going through art school and building dept as I go. It was also a way for me to get people to see some of my work. As a fine artist I struggle with an identity and a specific style or artwork as I’ve had the opportunity to try out so much. I still have more to try! I’m still studying and learning and planning new ideas which take so much time and reflection to build a body of work from. I’m trying to concentrate on my studies as this is a strong platform for me to find the type of work I like and I’m good at producing which is a big help towards forming a career as an artist. 

This has all led to my Etsy shop which can be found here!

In this post I’m going to do a quick run through my current artwork for sale. 

I’ve recently been trying out some Lino printing which I’m not particularly strong at but I enjoy the type of effect of produces when done right. I’ve put up some of my better prints I’ve done recently for the small price of £5 as although they’re by no means perfect I think they have a nice effect and may be nice framed in someone’s home. 

I’ve put quite a few watercolour pieces on my Etsy shop as I’m enjoying working with watercolour paint at the moment. Some pieces include pen and the prices range from £10-£12.

My final 2 pieces are a pen piece and a coloured pencil pieces as I also enjoy these mediums. I’ve kept a lot of my work A4 and haven’t trimmed it as I thought it wouldn’t be easier for a buyer to frame if they wanted a different size. These final two pieces are £1o each. 

The piece that has been sold was also pen and coloured pencil and has a nice new home now which I’m very happy about! 

Feel free to have a look at my Etsy shop and if there’s nothing on there that takes your fancy then I also do commissions for a reasonable price! All information can be found on my blog! 


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