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Opinions and Entitlement 

I’ve the last month a lot of talk on my Twitter has been about the upcoming referendum and, following that, the results. This then turned to talk about a youtuber and her friend which has all led me to write this blog post. 

I don’t want this to turn into a post about the EU Referendum as I think there’s been enough talk about that but it’s sadly a part of the point I’m trying to make. I didn’t vote. I’m eligible to but I didn’t. My reason was that I really struggle to understand politics in general and I them found the whole campaign very confusing which left me in a state where I really had no idea what the truth was and if I should vote ‘remain’ or ‘leave’. The morning of the results I learnt more about the campaign than the weeks leading up to it and that day I felt as though I had enough information to make a decision but I sadly couldn’t turn back time. I’m okay with the fact I didn’t vote as I didn’t feel I could at the time. 

I know many people disagree with that and that’s okay too. I know quite a view people who didn’t vote, I know people who voted leave and I know people who voted remain and I respect their decisions as this is what they believed in. I haven’t tracked them down and personally attacked them or made them feel like they are any less entitled to am opinion. 

In the past week I had been watching Melanie Murphy’s (a YouTuber I follow) snapchat story and her night went from amazing, as her and her male friends went to a gay club in America for the night, to awful as she was in hysterics talking about one of her friends being attacked and beaten outside the club. 

Personally I thought this was awful and I immediately went on to Twitter, out of curiosity, to find out what was happening. Over the days more information has been realised by Melanie and her friends, including the man who was allegedly attacked. I use the word ‘allegedly’  as nothing has been proved yet so I do not  know if he is telling the full truth or not regardless of what I think. 

Feeling sorry for the man I tweeted in response to his statement saying what a disgrace the comments were and I hope he can stay positive. Many opinionated people have become very rude and like to consider themselves members of the justice system in relation to this alligation without regards to the possible victim of the attack. 

Now why am I writing a post on this? 

Here’s why. 

Before the EU referendum a family member of mine decided to share her opinion on my plan of not to vote. She was considerably aggressive and made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I found her very forceful and she seemed unable to actually listen to what I was saying in response when I tried to explain my reasons for not voting. On the day of results I shared a post on Facebook without writing anything about my own thoughts and this same family member commented several times trying to pick the same fight she had about my not voting which made me feel like I didn’t deserve an opinion. Another person I know quite well also replied in a way that made it seem like she also didn’t think I was allowed an opinion. This got me quite irritated as no one seemed to listen to my thoughts and opinions despite me being subjected to theirs which I didn’t question at any time despite the fact I completely disagree with one and think she voted based on racist ideas.

Following my tweet to YouTuber, Melanie Murphy, and her friend, I received many nasty tweets about how I was stupid to  believe them and I should read all the evidence. This again irritated me as I had read the evidence and I had formed an opinion based on what I had read which I hadn’t tried to inflict on anyone else in a nasty way yet these strangers tweeted me to tell me I was stupid and wrong. 

I think in the world today people are too quick to share opinions and I think it’s more widely accepted to force opinions and beliefs on other people. I know that everyone is entitled to an opinion and I know people should be allowed to say what the want but sadly many people do this without thinking of the consequences and the impact on other people. There are thousands of different opinions in the world and sadly many of them have had awful effects on people such as racism, homophobia etc. People seem to be becoming less considerate and instead of simply sharing their opinions they think their opinion is the right opinion and should be the accepted idea. What has happened to respect? What has happened to consideration? 

Why has it become so acceptable to act in an unacceptable manner? 

Treat others like you yourself would like to be treated and please remember



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