book review

‘The Omen’- Review 


It may not be the end of the month for my scheduled book review yet but I’m apparently on top of reading for once! 

I picked up a very old, yellow-paged copy of The Omen by David Seltzer in the English section of a book market in Holland for €1! Bargain! I wasn’t completely sure about it as I’d heard the title mentioned by my dad many times but didn’t know anything about the story. My mum had read it years back and said I should buy it especially at that price. 

The copy I have has stills from the film version on the inside and the book seems to be written from the film? Please correct me if I’m wrong. I found this a nice change as I often read a book and then watch the film based on the book and marvel at how different it is. 

This book was a strangely easy read for me. I think because it’s taken from the film it seems to just lay everything out there for the reader however it doesn’t spend a lot of time on description which I’m starting to really like now that I’m reading Stephen King books so that was a bit of a shame for me. 

I find the character of the boy, Damien, a bit strange. Even now having watched the film they didn’t really play him off as all that evil and he’s supposed to be the anti-Christ so I expected a bit more evil ya know? The whole way through he just seemed like an innocent 5 year old boy which I suppose is kind of the whole point but that then made me feel like the whole story was a bit far fetched because of his apparent innocence. 

My favourite character was definitely Jennings. I particularly liked the scenes of him in his dark room developing the photographs and when he and Thorn entered his appartment. He seemed the most normal character out of the bunch and this scene, with his embarrassment at how untidy his appartment was made me love him even more. 

I liked Thorn at times but I found him so stuck up sometimes it was hard for me to like him. I would have liked to see a more emotional side to Thorn. I saw glimpses of it when he talked about his real baby and when he found out about the death of his wife and that’s when I really felt connected to the character but I found him quite bland some of the time.

Katherine was the weakest character of the bunch for me but I like a nice weak, mentally troubled character apparently. I found her struggle between trying to love her son and yet being terrified of him interesting. It played in a mother’s instinct a lot as at times she seemed on the verge of wondering if Damien was her real son. 

As a whole I enjoyed reading the book but I feel I have read more interesting books. I’ve watched the film now too and for it’s time it’s great but I don’t think it is something I will re-visit time and time again. 


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