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A Short Rant About Labels 

Since day one of ‘coming out’ I’ve been labelled a ‘lesbian’, branded with this term I never asked for or wanted. I never said I was a lesbian. I said I was gay which as far as I know from the dictionary means “sexually attracted to ones own sex” or I said I had a girlfriend. When people started throwing the world ‘lesbian’ about it annoyed me a bit because that’s not what I originally said and to be honest I don’t know if I even fit that word considering I’m not sure if I like only women or both men and women. 

People automatically had to stick me in a labelled box to know where they stood with me and it got on my nerves a bit. I’ve been with a girl for 3 and a half years but I haven’t really ever had that with a boy so what’s to say I don’t like it? People don’t seem to listen to that when I tell them or they say ‘but you’re with a girl now so that makes you a lesbian’.

I soon got over this, after all how are other people meant to know what to label me if I don’t know myself. I sometimes even refer to myself as a lesbian so I can’t really be pissed at others for doing the same.

What does annoy me is that society seems to need labels and a way to categorise people. I think it’s completely unnecessary. I don’t brand people in heterosexual couples as straight, in fact it’s a word I try not to say too often. People have personalities, people have feelings and thoughts and people are sexually attracted to different people and every person is unique. There are so many people in this world and so many individual couples. 

Following being branded lesbian or bisexual or gay or anything else, the next step is to say it, at least according to society. If you are attracted to anything other than the opposite sex you clearly have to let people know in case all hell breaks loose don’t you?  It’s ridiculous. I’ve never had anyone tell me they’re heterosexual but I’ve had plenty of people tell me mid conversation that they’re gay and I’ve even done it myself. 

Why do people have to make a point of telling others their sexual orientation? 

As a society we are moving forward but this is still a big deal and sadly it’s going to be something that needs to be addressed. There are a lot of movements out there fighting against this and fighting for equality but sadly they’re branded with a bad name. The LGBTQ+ community is looked down upon and I understand why sometimes. There are extremists to every group and sadly the extremists of this community get quite a lot of publicity. But there are still people out there who want equality and I am behind those people.

You are not a number or a toy with a label attached. 

This is not hogwarts and you do not need to be sorted into houses or categories for the world to keep on spinning. 


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