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‘Carrie’ – Review 


I finished my second Stephen King book pretty quickly compared to The Shining and I liked this one much better. 

I began reading this knowing nothing about the storyline as I hadn’t seen the film and decided I would wait until I had finished the book to watch it. 

Carrie launched King’s career and having read it, it is easy to see why. His writing style has evolved so much since this book however it still holds the authors personality. 

Carrie White to me seemed like most unpopular teenage girls constantly struggling to fit in. She seemed so innocent, probably to do with her lack of knowledge having grown up with a religious nut job as a mother (and I mean that with no disrespect to religion, she is crazy). From the beginning I felt sorry for her and I continued to do so until the very last page. She needed a friend and I hoped that Sue Snell could have been that way but she conformed to high school’s norms and joined in with the popular girls, namely Christine, and taunted Carrie. I had hope for Sue the whole way through and she redeemed herself by getting Tommy to take Carrie to prom although. I was suspicious of this. 

I found Carrie’s mother a really interesting character and definitely would have enjoyed more storyline around her. She intrigued me so much, I just wanted to get into her head and see everything she was thinking and why she thought that way. The scenes between her and Carrie were so powerful! 

I liked how King incorporated reports and articles on the White case throughout the story. It made it feel so real and gave another viewpoint on the whole story. One criticism I do have is how King doesn’t give a cut off point for the reports. He moves to the next paragraph and carries on with the story which I sometimes find difficult as I’m a bit lost for a moment however this is his style of writing and I found I had the amd problem with The Shining. It’s just something I’m going to have to get used to. 

Stephen King is a really rest storyteller and his imagination amazes me. This is only the second book of his I have read and I will be reading many more. Carrie shocked me from start to finish and made me feel so many different emotions. I feel on a level I have an understanding and connection with the character which is down to the authors fantastic writing skills. 

Definitely on the must read list! 


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