30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge ~Day 3~ 

What is your life motto? 

From my last book review you may know I’m a massive fan of Rent the musical. Rent has a beautiful story about a group of bohemians living in New York in the 80’s dealing with topics like aids, sexuality, friendship, love and life. The main theme from the show is that the only moment that matters is right now. Don’t live in the past or look to the future, just live in the moment. 

‘No day but today’ is a repeated lyric in the show and is something I’ve tried hard to live by for the past couple of years since starting my recovery. 

I’ve found that by trying to live in this way I take more time to stop and enjoy how I feel in a moment even if it’s something small. It’s made me a more positive and happier person and has helped so much with my anxiety and depression.

I can’t thank Johnathan Larson enough for the beautiful songs he gave us but especially this one for helping me become a better person. 

Cover photo by Tarryn Richardson Photography


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