30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge ~Day 5~ 

What’s in my bag? 

This week’s challenge is a bit more fun and less serious than previous week’s thank goodness. As part of my art foundation year I did a short project on what people carry in their bags so this is quite interesting for me! 

This is an image of my sketchbook entry regarding what was in my bag at the time based on work by Francois Robert. It’s interesting to see what’s stayed the same and what hasn’t. 
This is what I carry on my bag now. 
I’ve had a massive clear out by the looks of things and no longer have spare change and tickets littering my bag. I carry the same purse (with the addition of the mysterious red stain) and my passport as I use it for ID. The same sunglasses, brand of deodorant, a different umbrella, newer earphones, a different set of keys and some santitary towels are common items for me. I like to be practical. 

I’ve added a new No7 Lipstick in shade 855 Cinnamon Spice and a yummy Jack Wills spray I got as a present. I have some lip balm and Vaseline and a 4Head rub with a missing label.

The final item is a little sketchbook which has one free page left. I wouldn’t be an art student if I didn’t carry a sketchbook in my bag for random doodles. I sometimes use this on trains, in picturesque places or just randomly stopped in the middle of the street. It started at uni so has travelled around England, home to Northern Ireland for summer and even to Holland with me collecting doodles. 


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