30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge ~Day 6~ 

This is yet another strange and short post for my blog challenge but enjoy! I would love to know some weird facts about you! 

Weird facts about me 

  1. When I was little my Granny had to check who I was each day as I pretended to be a different person.
  2. I have a fetish for middle aged actresses apparently….Lana Parrilla, Elizabeth Mitchell, Lisa Edelstein…the list goes on.
  3. I like mature hands
  4. I know Philomena Lynott, mother of Phil Lynott the lead singer from Thin Lizzy… Probably most famous for their song ‘The Boys Are Back in Town’. She’s a super classy old lady who wears a teddy bear necklace and calls me Polly.
  5. I peed myself because of a dream once..I really needed the bathroom IRL so in my dream I walked to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and then woke up cause I actually peed. I was about 16.
  6. I swallowed a key around the age of 5. I threw it back up though don’t worry.

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