30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge ~Day 9~

Features I get complimented on the most

I often get complimented on my eyes. I’ve got large, blue eyes which stand out most on my face. My mum often tells me I have Disney Princess eyes because they’re so large, which can be a real problem due to the large surface area leaving more room for dust and dirt and a whole manner of things to float into my eyeball!

I get complimented on my hair quite a lot however to me it’s really nothing special. I have blonde hair however it isn’t barbie blonde, more dull dirty blonde. Hairdressers often compliment it’s colour and warn me not to dye it however they often take this compliment back when it takes three of them half an hour to dry it due to it’s thickness.

I’d say these are the most frequent compliments I get however recently I’ve been getting a lot for my accent as I have a slightly toned down Northern Irish accent. I’ve recently started back at university again and many people are hearing this accent for the same time. I think it’s terrible, but in all honesty it could be worse, it could be a Belfast accent!


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