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Making Friends

This year I transferred university to continue studying Fine Art. Life as a Fresher has been good so far, considering I’ve already done it once. I’ve just finished my first week at university and thankfully I’ve come out the other side still alive and having made some new friends which has made me smile despite how ridiculously tired I am. I mean, who wouldn’t be tired if they had to be in Uni by 10 every morning…?

Making friends was probably the aspect of starting over that I was most worried about. I already had several friends here including my girlfriend, whom I met through her or already knew from home which took the pressure off a little but I still wanted to make some friends on my course that I could spend time with during the day as I have long hours.

On Monday morning I made the decision to really push myself out of my comfort zone in order to make sure I wouldn’t be eating lunch alone every day. I tried talking to strangers, approaching them first in a few cases. I ignored the tumbleweeds in my head and made an effort to think of conversation topics and I attempted to find points of interest despite wanting nothing more than to gracefully swish my cloak of invisibility around me and disappear from every social situation I was in.

Making friends  at university is never easy but there’s a few things you need to remember. Everyone is in the same boat and probably just as clueless as you. Everyone kinda just floats about and bumps into people in the process. You will make friends but you also need to put yourself out there which can be really difficult. There will be events you can attend, which aren’t just club nights, where you can meet new people and have a nice night.

Also don’t worry if you’re were never deemed the ‘popular’ kid at school. Uni is packed with people of different backgrounds, different cultures, different ages and who are interested and enjoy completely different things. There’s plenty of friends to go around!

Have a sense of humour and laugh about how ridiculous the whole experience is and how you’ve basically just reverted back to a ten year old dependent on your mummy. Enjoy the challenge!


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