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National Coming Out Day

In honour of yesterday being National Coming Out Day I want to take the time to congratulate anyone who has had the balls to come out and for just being you and being great!

I know so many people out there still haven’t “come out” and that is perfectly okay. Coming out isn’t something everyone should have to do. I mean there isn’t a Coming Out Day for straight people so why do members of the LGBT+ community need one? I find it unnecessary when thinking of how the community has been treated however I fully understand how much this day has helped people.

I, myself, have had friends come out to their family and friends on this day. It is a platform put in place to help people feel more supported and part of a wider community in order to help them be more accepting of themselves and share their amazing self with the people they love.

If you have come out I say good on you! Maybe you’ve been okay with who you are for years and it wasn’t that much of a deal which is amazing because you have accepted yourself which is more than a lot of people do, gay or straight. If you’ve come out despite fears of being looked down upon, treated differently etc I strongly congratulate you on being so brave and I really hope you didn’t have to face any criticism. If you did get a particularly negative reaction just remember that you are an amazing person and you should know that yourself. You don’t need someone else to tell you what kind of a person you are and if someone can’t accept you as you are then do you really need those types of people in your life?

On the other hand, if you haven’t come out yet and are thinking about doing it in the future, just remember that the people you surround yourself with should be people who love you and care about you and chances are they’ll have a positive reaction. Similarly you shouldn’t have to feel pressure to come out at this is personal choice but just remember to be who you are, regardless of others, and let yourself live a happy and fulfilling life! 


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