30 Day Blog Challenge · Issues

30 Day Blog Challenge ~Day 13~

Things that annoy me or make me angry

Since finding happiness within my own life and self, political and social issues have been making me really angry. I mean, nowadays we live in a culture where women are still fighting for equality, our government has gone to absolute shit, people are still being pressured to look, think and act a certain way, we’re still getting involved in wars we have no business in, people are still sleeping on the streets, innocent people are still being hurt and killed and to top all of this off Donal Trump is one step away from becoming President. I mean what isn’t there to be angry about?

As a 20 year old university student I feel so helpless. Just the other night I was scrolling through Facebook to find a video of a barber who cut homeless people’s hair for free. I spent the next half an hour in tears and I was so angry at myself for how little I do for the world. I try to be a nice person, I try to say hello to everyone and smile at everyone, I give people money who have none, I say please and thank you, I recycle, I blog in an attempt to bring awareness to issues I think are important. And still, still it’s not enough. There’s so much wrong with this world I don’t even know where to start or how.

I make myself angry for telling myself that it’s too hard, that I can’t do anything because that’s a lie. I can. I can make a change in this world  if I could just get off my backside. I let little things get in the way like anxiety, paranoia and laziness and I shouldn’t. I could make an impact and I choose not to.

This is what makes me angry. Our world is a shambles and we have no one else to blame but ourselves. The human race fucked it up. But, the human race can also help make it better. We can pick ourselves up again. We can smile and say please and thank you. We can  sit and have a chat to the people we so often ignore on the streets or buy them dinner. We can raise awareness for mental health and equality. We can treat everyone as equal and important. We can move up and run charities, volunteer, speak up. We can do anything but most of us are lazy or too busy, including myself.

That’s what makes me angry, and that is also what I would like to change.

As Glee once taught me, “be the change that you want to see in the world.”



Header image by Tarryn Richardson Photography


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