Honouryourflow Cloth Pads Review 

So recently my girlfriend made the decision to try out cloth menstrual pads due to irritation caused by disposable ones. She bought a starter pack and instantly loved them leaving me feeling curious to try them too! 

The specific pads we bought were from Honouryourflow which sells a range of organic cloth menstrual pads, tampons, makeup wipes, menstrual cups and breast pads as well as wash bags and other necessary items. 

As soon as I logged on I felt like I was in heaven. There was so much choice and everything was so beautifully made in colourful, patterned cottons. I had a quick browse and decided I would buy some pads. I did a lot of research into the menstrual cups but I don’t feel like I’m ready for them just yet. 

I ended up with a starter pack of 5 pads and wash bags all in pink colours.

The starter packs range from £35-£42 basically depending on the size of your butt if that helps! There is a size guide on the website. The pack contains 2 light flow pads, 2 average flow and a heavy flow pad. It also comes with a wash bag and a little cotton pouch that you can keep in your bag to put used pads in while you’re out! I also added an extremely heavy flow pad as my first 2 days can be like a scene from Carrie. 

On top of this I received a a Pukka Womankind tea bag which I use anyway as they reduce period cramps! I would highly suggest trying out this tea if you get awful period pains. I also got a couple of magnets, a menstraul dreaming chart and instructions on how to use and wash the pads. All you do is pop them in the washing machine at 60 and hey presto! Make sure not to use any fabric conditioner as this decreases their absorbancy. 

I was pretty nervous about using my pads for the first time as I was worried they would be bulky. The really heavy flow one is quite bulky but I bought that for night use anyway so that didn’t bother me. The other pads were pretty discreet and easy to use as they have little wings with poppers on to secure in place. They are extremely comfortable and don’t contain chemicals like disposable pads so are much kinder to your vagina! I did notice I had a lighter period and less cramps which I heard was due to the lack of chemicals so I will keep an eye on that for the next few months but it just could have been me. I didn’t feel as hot and sweaty as I do with disposable pads and I also noticed I didn’t feel any itchymess that sometimes occurred with Always pads. They were so easy to wash although my housemates thought it a bit strange that I was washing period blood in the washing machine but periods are completely natural so I didn’t care. 

Overall I love my new pads and they’re so much better for me and the environment! They’re cheaper in the long run as I was spending around £10 a month on Always pads but these ones last! My only regret is that I didn’t try cloth menstrual pads sooner. 

 Love your vagina and it will love you back too! 


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