30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge ~Day 18~ 

Someone I miss 

In my 20 years on the planet, only one person I am close to has died. This person was my Granny. She had a good life and had 3 sons, one of which is my Daddy. She worked in my primary school for years as a caretaker and often did lunch duties so all the children knew who she was even long after I left the school myself. A lot of these children showed up to her funeral to say goodbye. She was kind and generous and loving and although we had a much different relationship than my relationship with my Mummy’s Mum, I know that she loved me and my little sister. She talked about us to everyone and made sure we had everything we wanted. We could do no wrong in her eyes. She died of cancer in January 2015 and I was there when she died at the hospital. It wasn’t a particularly fun experience and it was extremely hard to watch my Daddy and his brothers see their mum die. She had a shitty death because of the type of cancer she had and she struggled right up until the end but she was a religious woman and I hope the presence of her friend and loved parish priest helped her. I miss Granny Jo more than I ever thought I could miss someone. It’s a strange feeling to miss someone who has died because I know I won’t see them again as opposed to missing my family while I’m at uni. I know she’s out there somewhere and always looking after me because that’s who she was. I just hope she knows how much I do love her and how much I think about her. 


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