Maturity at University 

A recent topic of conversations between myself and my girlfriend has been maturity at university.

You’d think that by the age of 18/19 people would be able to make it out there in the big bad world themselves but I’ve learned from personal experience this isn’t usually the case. Going from living with your parents to living with strangers in an unfamiliar place where you’re in charge of your own money, food, time keeping, health etc is terrifying and often leads to mass disorganisation for at least the first semester. This is completely understandable and maybe sometimes it takes a couple of failed modules and £500 into their overdraft before they figure out how to adult and that’s okay! There’s no handbook for this! 

What irritates me about university are the people who depend on others and act very childishly. On my course I’m lucky enough to have a very supportive group of people who give feedback and their thoughts and opinions in a way to help you improve your work. What I’ve heard from others is that on certain courses people are very standoffish about this. This seems to be particularly true for the performance subjects. I thought myself the theatre stereotype was only there because of a few people but as it turns out it’s more than just a few. 

What is not okay is to play the victim when you get a difference in opinion or critical feedback that you don’t like. The point of this is to help you, not for you to run off crying because you didn’t get your way. 

Some people sit at the front of lectures because they can’t see or because they want to not because they think they’re the smartest in the class. 

Some people put their hands up to talk and ask questions in lectures and classes because that’s how they learn and they’re paying £9,000 for it so why shouldn’t they?

This type of behaviour is so unbelievably childish and is coming from people over the age of 18. When will they grow up? 

Something else I’ve noticed about university is only child syndrome. I’m not saying everyone who’s am only child is unbearable, just certain people I’ve come across. They’re very dependent on others, a little too dependent. Every conversation gets turned around so it’s about them and god forbid you try starting an argument or trying to discuss something they’ve done to upset you because that turns into the poor me scenario. It’s all very frustrating. 

You’d think by university people would realise they’re being immature and grow up a tad but nope. Everyone thinks they know best and they’re perfectly reasonable and not annoying anyone. 

Ah uni life. 


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