30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge ~Day 20~ 

*Massive apologies for being so late with my posts. I’m 3 weeks behind! I’ve been incredibly busy over those 3 weeks with uni deadlines and then working like a slave over Christmas so I can afford to eat in the new year! I should be back on track very soon! * 

A Letter to my future self 

Dear Rebecca 

I hope everything is going okay in your life, in fact I hope it’s going great and you are happy and content. Being content is so important so I hope you’ve found that within your life. I expect everything is still just as crazy as it is now, just without uni deadlines. Maybe you’re busy working, at a job you’re happy in, maybe you’ve got children, maybe you’re still with Tarryn. I hope you are. Right now I can’t imagine a future without her and I hope I will never have to. So what are we like? Are we still blonde? Bossy? Uptight? Have we done okay for ourselves? 

Have we finally learned how to just be happy instead of wondering what if? 

I’m sorry for leaving you in so much debt  but a girls gotta study. Maybe you’ve ended up with a pretty good life because of that so I’m taking full credit. We did choose art though so maybe you’re not…I wonder if you even still do art….do you still draw? 

Have you learned to how adult yet? I’m finding it incredibly difficult. There’s so much to think about on top of just keeping yourself alive. Have we learned how to budget yet?? I think that might always be a problem. 

I really do hope you’re happy and I hope you spend time with friends and visit the family often. I hope we have enough money and you’re kind and thoughtful. I hope you’re with Tarryn and content and still as in love as right now. 

Love, Rebecca 


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