Speak Up

After an incredibly heated discussion with my Granda about equal rights for women and feminism I am left, again, feeling disgusted with the human race. 

My Granda is a logical man, prone to a little sexism, racism and religious views shared with his generation in Ireland. He’s a loving, protective and highly intelligent man but he is also stubborn. He loves his daughters and granddaughters a lot but I don’t think he has ever considered the bigger picture. 

The discussion started with him bringing up the issue of razor blades. He had heard that a male politician had raised the issue of the expensive price of razor blades in parliament and proceeded to give off not realising that, in fact, this price had been raised to make it equal to the price of female disposable razor blades which have always been more expensive as they were targeted towards women. I explained this and immediately he thought that it was a lost cause. He agreed it was stupid that female products are mostly more expensive than men’s but thought this was rightly so as they’re in higher demand. He didn’t once consider it was unfair that women pay more simply because of their gender. 

Basically the discussion ended with me telling my Granda how many times I am inappropriately groped by men on a night out. When I’ve told them it makes me uncomfortable I’ve often been laughed at because it’s a ‘bit of fun’ or supposed to be a ‘compliment’. My Granda thought, yes this is disgusting, but maybe I should learn self defence classes so I can defend myself against these types of people. 

Why should I have to spend money and time learning how to defend myself when it’s my body in the first place and no one should be allowed to touch it without my permission? Why do men think this is acceptable behaviour? Why do parents not teach their sons that a woman is not an object their for their enjoyment and pleasure? 

Far too much is blamed on women when it is the man it’s wrong. Attitudes need to change. I will not live my life having to dodge groping hands in clubs or walking away from men wolf whistling in the street. 

Yes, before anyone starts, I know women can treat men like shit too, but the bottom line is that men are priveledged and set on a pedistool to look down on their less equal counterparts. It’s shit and unfair and this is not how it should be. 

Women you can do anything you set your mind too. Do not let the women who use oppression as an excuse to give the rest of us a bad name. Do not let a man tell you what to do simply because he thinks he is more entitled. Do not let it slide when you are shouted at or whistled at or touched. Teach your children the difference from right an wrong and the importance of equality. Do not let anyone tell you there is no point or that it is not worth it. 

 Speak up. 


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