30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge ~Day 24~

A letter to my past self 

Dear Rebecca 

We’re now 20 years old. We did it. We made it through our teenage years. We made it past the hurt and past the pain and past the darkness and we made it out the other end of the tunnel happier and wiser than ever before. 

Just a heads up, age 15-18 is a particularly tough time for us so hold in there. Times get really shitty and you will need to pluck up the courage to ask for help. Hurting yourself doesn’t make it better just remember that. Talk to Mummy more, she needs support too and talk to Megs. Let her know what’s going on. It might help her talk in the future too. 

In regards to Lumen, don’t worry too much. They might want the best but your best is still good enough. Don’t sacrifice your health because it isn’t worth it. Go out, make friends, laugh, walk along beaches and get lost in forests. You deserve to feel sheer happiness.

Try not to miss Tarryn too much. Eventually we’ll end up with her. She’ll be there for us to wake up to each morning when we finally find the right uni and the right art course. 2015 is quite tough too but we’ll make it and she will help every step of the way.

Stop biting your nails.

Worry less.

Dance in your underwear. 

Feel confident in your body.

Eat healthy food.

Practice meditation.

Read books.

Embrace who we are.

And take chances. 

Everything will be okay. 




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