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30 Day Blog Challenge ~Day 26~

My views on religion

I can tell before I even begin properly writing that this is going to end up as a controversial post because this is a highly controversial topic.

I was raised as a member of the Catholic church. I was baptised into it as a baby and made my confession, communion and confirmation all while still at primary school. I didn’t have much of a choice as my knowledge of the wider world and other religions was pretty much non existent.

I ended up going to a catholic secondary school, which I have mentioned many a time in previous posts as I believe its opinions and views are largely what has shaped me as a person today, i.e. I have developed a ‘take no shit’ attitude after having a mental breakdown and ending up in counselling largely because of how the staff and pupils of this school made me feel.

I have also been bombarded from a young age by catholicism and protestantism specifically because I am Irish and if you know anything about Irish history this dates back hundreds of years and has been a great area of conflict for my country.

In Ireland you are deemed one or the other and that’s just how its supposed to be however for me, I do not actually believe in God at all. I thought that I did. It was almost as if it was fact that there was some man in the sky deciding what our lives held because that was all I knew. As I got older I learned that isn’t the only religion and my eyes were also opened to the hatred that surrounds christianity and I didn’t like it. I didn’t agree with too many of the teachings and I hated that the core teachings were only applicable sometimes. The bible teaches fairness, love and kindness, in fact it is in the Commandments yet people are shunned from the Church for being gay, having children before marriage, for having affairs, for speaking their mind.

Speaking specifically of Christianity and the Catholic Church, I believe they only follow what suits them. I believe Christianity was originally made up of incredibly close minded people who wanted to force their thinkings on other people. I believe people began following them because they agreed or because they simply needed something to believe in after death because the prospect of death was too horrific.

I do not agree with religion. It is supposed to be good and just but it is the opposite. It is forceful and full of hatred. Think about how many wars have been caused because of religion?

As well as this, there are so many religions out there so how do we know which one is correct, if any?

I do not agree with religion however I would not stop someone from following their faith. It is their choice to follow it and who am I to tell them how to live their lives? I think if people can follow a religion and accept that others do not believe without preaching at them then the world would be a much better place. I respect these people but I do not have respect for the people who preach kindness and love but do not have these qualities themselves.

I think the world would be a much better place without religions. I think people should learn to love everything that is around them and our natural world than follow something there is no proof of and ultimately goes against its core values.



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