International Women’s Day 

To all you women out there I want to say a few things.

Today is special because it’s a day dedicated to us. It celebrates us on a worldly basis and raises awareness to the fact we are not always celebrated. 


Women should not just be valued on one day a year. Every single day should be our day. Each and every woman should be comfortable in her skin regardless of whether others like or dislike it. Every woman should feel safe and brave and strong every day. Every woman should raise strong women every day and share their knowledge and strength with other women. 

If, until now, you have let it slide or hid away from speaking your mind then let today be the start. Stand up and speak your mind. Stand up for yourself and your rights and the rights of the gorgeous women around you. 

Be kind and generous and teach other generations to do the same. Do not treat other women how you wouldn’t treat yourself. 

Use your voice and use your minds. We are strong and we are amazing and we are beautiful and it’s time the whole world knew and accepted that.

To the men, support your wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, daughters and all the women in your lives. Stand up and fight with them. Teach your children to be compassionate and loving and. Teach your daughters they can do anything they put their minds to and teach your sons respect and love. 

Humanity can be beautiful if we spread the love. 

Thank you to all the beautiful women that have got me where I am today. Thank you to my family and my friends and especially thank you to the women who have fought before me. Please know that you have inspired me and I will continue your fight. 


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