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“Talking as fast as I can” Review

Recently I started watching Gilmore Girls with my housemates and instantly fell in love with it. Around the point we made it to season 3 I found out Lauren Graham aka Lorelai Gilmore, had published her book Talking as fast as I can so off I went and got myself a copy.

Talking as fast as I can is a fast paced, funny and gloriously detailed insight into the life of Lauren Graham from her days as a student to Gilmore Girls, being launched to fame before the revival and “everything in-between”.

This book had me in fits. It was somehow incredibly relatable despite the fact Graham studied theatre and I study art. The money worries and job prospects rang a bell with me. How Graham portrays herself is like any other normal person with an air of confidence. She doesn’t let her fame sit her on a pedestal which made me like her even more.

Her language is chit chatty to the point I felt like I was sat across a table sharing a pizza and a glass of wine! She puts herself on the same level making this an easy and enjoyable read whilst also keeping in the helpful facts.

I can see how this book would be helpful to those studying theatre and acting as the author talks a lot about how she got to be in Gilmore Girls, how she even got into acting. She also mentions her failed attempts giving the reader a laugh but also giving hope to those who will make mistakes before making it to something better.

One thing I did find hard to keep up with was the names. Graham know so many different people and coming from a well know TV show I know these people as their character names not real names. She did sometimes jump between character and real names so I think it made it harder to remember who was who.

I adored how Graham finished the book with her diary entries from the revival of Gilmore Girls. These gave an emotional finish to the book and left a smile on my face.

This is a lovely, bright and easy read for anyone interested in acting and especially Gilmore Girls. It does have spoilers though so watch out!


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