Tattoos and Choice

Recently I have come across quite a few articles while mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, about tattoos and particularly ageing with tattoos.

I’m gonna be honest with you…the comments blew my mind.

Now, I have a tattoo and just booked another in a couple of weeks. My dad has loads of tattoos and almost every other member of my family has at least one. I don’t have a problem with them and, being an art student, I appreciate their beauty and the skills that have gone into them regardless of whether the particular design is to my taste.

The way I see it is that the body is a canvas. Tattoos do not negatively affect your health, unless you go somewhere dodgy and end up with an infection, so why not get one?

Art can come in many forms. I’ve seen art on canvas, photos, fabric, posters, scraps of cardboard, walls, boards, metal, sat on the floor or even performed (to name a few) and I see absolutely nothing wrong with deciding to display artwork on your body.

Once you’ve moved past being dressed by your parents you get a choice in what outfits you want to wear therefore you get a choice in how you look so why are body modifications any different?? You are simply choosing to look a certain way. Same with makeup, hair colour and style.

I think it’s unbelievably rude for people to force opinions on people with tattoos and make their disgust plainly obvious. The way I see it is if I thought your dress was hideous  I would not say “Ew why would you wear such a thing? I don’t like it so why would you make the decision to wear it?” (unless it’s a close friend then I’d probably tell them to burn the dress). Why do people find it so hard to keep harmful opinions to themselves? I’m all for sharing opinions, I do have a blog so it’s something I enjoy but if you don’t like how someone looks then can’t you just keep that opinion to yourself instead of ruining their day all because you don’t like something on THEIR body??

I remember last summer someone I am around quite regularly made a comment about my tattoo, which is on my foot. It regarded the fact I was wearing socks, which I like to do. My feet get cold easily therefore I wear socks…easy peasy. This comment suggested I was ashamed of my tattoo (because after all their opinions I had finally decided it was a mistake) so decided to hide it beneath a pair of socks which was then going against what I had previously said about displaying artwork on my body.

My foot tattoo is extremely personal to me. It is a quote that is close to my heart and a link between my Granny. I got it soon after she died and every time I look at it or think of it I think of her. I got this particular tattoo as a meaningful reminder about that bond we shared, not as a spectacular piece of artwork that I want to display. It was a way for me to carry it with me forever. To be honest, I shouldn’t have to explain that to people.

Free will allows me to do what I want with my own body and if I want to cover it with ink because I think it’s pretty, meaningful or just because I can then that is what I will do. That does not make me unprofessional or mean I have bad taste or am a certain type of person.  That simply means I have a choice and I made a decision for my own reasons.

I completely respect that some people do not like tattoos until they are nasty about it. If you do not like tattoos that is perfectly fine but DO NOT put someone else down because you do not agree with their CHOICES about THIER body.

If you do not like tattoos and meet someone with tattoos please try your hardest not to be disrespectful and judgemental just because you don’t like their appearance. The people I know with tattoos have never judged someone on their lack of body art.

I might not like your hair colour…doesn’t mean I’m going to tell you how stupid you are for choosing to dye your hair that colour.

If you do not like tattoos then do not get one.  It’s simple.


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